Easy to use
form endpoints
for your HTML forms

Receive submissions, send emails via a form on your website - without writing a single line of backend code. Perfect for WordPress, Netlify, Vercel, Github Pages, Jekyll or any static site.

Static forms. Dynamic features!

Everything you need to make the form experience better for your users
27- fingerprint-approve
No strange submissions that waste your time (spam)

We all know the problem! You add a form to the website and spammers find it right away - we filter all of that out before it gets to you

01- mail-forward
Be friendly with outgoing emails

Send a fully customizable email to the person submitting your form

06- cloud-download
Your data is yours! Export the submissions

Download your submissions any time, either as .csv or via our API

11- upload-to-cloud
File Uploads

Receive and store file uploads, send attachments via emails

03- macbook-touch-bar
Customizable submission received page

Use custom colors, your own logo or insert links when someone has submitted your form

17- business-target-1
Customize 100% with redirects

If you want full control, you can redirect the user back to your website when they have submitted your form

39- wrench-screw-knot
Simplify the submission process, but send them to the services that you use

Want to have a simple contact form? Easy! Send submissions to services like MailChimp, Convertkit - or other 3rd party services.

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Want to do more advanced AJAX form submissions? We got you! We even have an API you can integrate with

03- team-leader-teamwork-asian
Invite members from your team

Invite your fellow team members so you can all work together on things - no need to share logins!


Simple, competitive pricing

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For light personal use.

  • 1 form

  • 50 submissions/month

  • 10 spam submissions/month

  • Customize Thank You page

  • Auto-responses

  • Export your data




(billed annually) (billed monthly)


all features from Free plus:
  • 2 forms

  • 1000 submissions/month

  • Custom redirects

  • Receive email with submissions

  • Webhook integration

  • Spam protection

  • File uploads (250Mb)

  • Zapier integration




(billed annually) (billed monthly)


all features from Simple plus:
  • 10 forms

  • 5000 submissions/month

  • File uploads (1 GB)

  • API access

  • Conditional email notifications

  • Whitelabel notifications




(billed annually) (billed monthly)


all features from Freelancer plus:
  • Unlimited forms

  • 10k submissions/month

  • File Uploads (10 GB)

  • Whitelabel Thank You page

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