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What our customers are saying

“FormBackend is a great way to quickly hook up a form on a site where you only have access to frontend / static file hosting. The support is great and integrations with Zapier allows us to quickly roll-out complex data destination workflows. Would recommend!”

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Director, Mumu Agency

“As a creative agency building custom websites it's great to have an option out there that is as easy as plug and play. It's scalable and has worked flawlessly for over 48 months for us.”

Founder at Miles

“FormBackend is a developer's dream form handling platform. For our small-medium client sites nothing comes close to the price/feature set of FormBackend. It's extremely fast to set up, can handle just enough workflow tasks, and you can use fully custom email templates. The only time we won't be reaching for this tool is when a client already has a large CRM setup with these features - but in those cases we're really going to miss the unrivaled support that Jesper provides.”

Lane Lorcey, Creative Director at AVO Dynamics
Lane Lourcey
Creative Director at AVO Dynamics

Everything you need to make your <form> work.

Make your form work in seconds without relying on dependencies, special libraries etc.

It works with any <form>.

You can use FormBackend with any <form>. Just point your form to your FormBackend URL endpoint and we’ll take care of the rest.

It works with any form
Your responses

Collect submissions.

When your form receives a response, we validate and filter the data for SPAM Spam underline automatically.

Send and receive emails

Receive or send emails.

Receive or send an email to whoever you want when your form get a new submission.

Redirect anywhere.

Have a custom thank you page? Redirect to any page you’d like after the form is submitted.

Form rules

Conditional emails.

Send and receive emails based on values in your form fields. Perfect for departments or other conditional flows.

Unlimited Form fields

Unlimited form fields.

Add all the form fields you want. There’s no limit. We will handle everything that’s submitted inside your <form>.


Send submissions to 3rd parties.

Send submissions to services like Zapier, MailChimp, Convertkit - or any other 3rd party service.

Export to CSV

Export to .CSV

You can export your submissions as CSV or use or simple API any time.



Want to do more advanced AJAX form submissions? We got you! We even have an API you can integrate with.



Invite your team and collaborate easier and more efficient without sharing logins.


Upload files

Upload files without any configuration. Uploading files are a big struggle when it comes to form handling

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