Create a custom contact form using Framer

Header graphic that shows the Framer logo

FormBackend is a service that makes it easy to collect submissions from your HTML forms. This makes us an ideal companion when it comes to static site generators.

In this post we’ll take a look at how to add a contact form to a Framer static site. Here’s an example form that we’ve created: If you click the “Remix this Form” you can get a copy of it in your account and go from there.

This is based on the BaseForm component from here

Change the URL of the form

If you select the form as seen in the screenshot below, you can change the URL of your form (step 2) to the url that FormBackend gave you when you created a form.

Change URL for the BaseForm

Customize the form

You can now go ahead and customize the look and feel of your form like you normally would using Framer. You can add/remove fields by finding the BaseForm component on the right and clicking on the fields:

Add remove fields of the BaseForm component