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Redirect after submission

How to redirect to a page of your choice after someone submits your form

If you want to control what happens after someone submits your form, it’s probably better to redirect them to a page of your choosing. This can be done with our “Redirect after Submission” feature. On your FormBackend form page go to the “Settings”-tab. Under the “Redirect after Submission” section, you can insert a custom URL in the form field.

That means that when someone submits your form, we bypass the default “Thank you page” and instead take them to a URL of your choice.

Personalize your custom page

If you want to show the user some of the values they submitted, you can pass them to the page you redirect to using query-params.

The way to do this, is by inserting “placeholders” in the URL you add. Let’s say I want to redirect a user to and I want to have a text that says “Thank you [name]” where [name] is the value that they input in my form field named name.

You can pass that to the page you redirect to, by changing the URL to:{name}. name inside the curly-brackets refers to the name of my form field, which in this case is name.

If your form-field name was firstName you would have it be{firstName}. You can of course add multiple values like so:{name}&email={emailField} etc. As long as the values map to the names of your form fields, they’ll be added when redirected.