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Integrate with third party services using our webhooks

Webhooks gives you the ability to having FormBackend POST to a URL of choice every time a new submission comes in for your form.

If you navigate to the “Integrations” tab for a given form and scroll to the Webhooks-section, you can create a new webhook.

Create a new form webhook

Click the “Add new webhook” link and give the webhook a name and a URL. Every time a new submission comes in we’ll POST the following payload to that URL:

  form_identifier: form.token,
  submitted_at: created_at,
  email: "",
  name: "John Doe"

The above payload has a few standard values: form_name - the name of the form at the time form_identifier - the unique identifier for your form submitted_at - when the submission was created

email and name is two fields that the form that was submitted had. If your form has different fields we’ll of course include those instead.

3rd party services

We treat webhooks to the following services a little different. You can read more about how to set it up in these articles:

  • Discord - the webhook is converted into a format that Discord understands, so we can easily set up webhooks that posts to Discord channels