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Redirect after submission

Redirect to your own confirmation page after your form has been submitted

When someone submits your form, you’re taken to the “Thank you for your submission page”. This is hosted on FormBackend’s domain and shows the user that their submission has been received. You can customize the text on that page instead of using FormBackend’s default text.

But there are situations where you don’t want to use the default “Thank you”-page and instead redirect the user to a page on your own domain.

This is where “Redirect after submission” can be used. If you visit the “Settings”-tab for your form, you’ll see a “Redirect url” field (paid plan only). If you enter a URL in to this field, we’ll redirect to it when your form is submitted.

Dynamic redirect URL

Sometimes you might want to redirect to different URLs based on what is typed into your form, you can do this by adding a form-field to your form:

<input type="hidden" name="_redirect" value="">

The value you add to this field, will be the URL that we redirect to upon submission.

Redirect with values from your form

It’s also possible to redirect to an external URL with values from the form that was just submitted as query params.

Simply set the redirect URL either under “Settings” or in the “_redirect” form field to something like this:{name}&email={email}

The {name} and {email} placeholders will be replaced with the value of the field with the names name and email. You can of course name the query parameters whatever you’d like.