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Customize thank you page

How to customize the page users see once they have submitted your form.

When someone submits your form, they’re redirected to a “Thank you page”. If you go to your form in FormBackend and click on the “Settings”-tab, you can customize the text and basic looks of that page. This can be done by finding the “Submission page appearance” section.

Here you can customize the text that people see (default: “Thank you for your submission”). You can also customize the background-, text-, and link-colors.

You can insert basic HTML in the submission text. So you can do something like:

<p>Thank you for your submission</p>
  <a href="">Go to my website</a>

Which will give you a simple page with a link back to your website.

Domain setup step 1

If you want more control, it’s probably better to redirect to a page of your choice that you control. We’ll take a look at that in the article Redirect after Submission.