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Special fields

Special input fields you can add to a form

There are a few special input fields that are worth knowing about when using FormBackend. They’re not special as such, but if you name them a certain thing they’ll affect how your form behaves.

Let’s take a look at them below:


Input name email
Description This is used to send emails to someone. If you add an input with the name `email` to your form, and you enable the auto-responses feature - this will be the email address we use to send the email to. If no field with the name `email` exists, we can’t send an auto-response email.

Redirect to

Input name _redirect or _redirect_to
Description If your plan allows for it, you can use an input named `_redirect` or `_redirect_to` with a URL in it to have the form redirect to this URL after being submitted. This will override the “Redirect url” setting for your form if you have set a value in that.