What's New

New: Improved spam-filtering

We've worked on adding improved spam-filtering. That is now live. We've added a new filtering method on the submissions page for a given form, so you can chose to take a look at the submitted spam.

New: Reporting

We've added a (for now) simple reporting page per form, that shows the amount of entries on a given day - as well as the amount of spam filtered on a given day.

New: Mark all fields as required

We've added a new experimental setting where you can mark all fields as required. If a user fills out your form and doesn't fill in all of the fields, we'll show them a message on the submission page, asking them to go back and fill out all of the fields.

Be aware, that if you turn this setting on, and redirect to another URL upon submission and all fields are not filled out - we'll do nothing. The submission won't be saved.

New: You can now add a _redirect_to field to your form

We just added support for a `_redirect_to` field in your forms. If you add a hidden field named `_redirect_to` we will redirect to the URL in that field upon submission. This requires a paid plan and won't be possible on a trial account.

New: New design

Formbackend just received a big overhaul and a completely new design. We have some interesting features planned in the near future - and the overhaul of the platform will help us ship those quickly!